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Industrial Line

Canmore© provides a wide range of industrial lubricant required across the industries. Our production lines cover different types of greases and industrial oils. The range also consists of products made-to-order to suit different techno-commercial requirements of a specific customer. Canmore products are extensively accepted across a varied base of user industries.

Electrical Oil

Canmore© electrical insulating Oil is Sternly Hydro-treated, and it is already carcinogenic under OSHA’s Hazardous Substances Communication Standard. Our oil meets the requirements of a Type II electrical insulating oil. It has been reviewed and approved by major power utilities and normally used in transformers, oil filled switches, circuit breakers, and medical Xray equipment.

High Voltage Power Transformer Substation

  • To provide dielectric strength of the transformer insulation system.
  • To provide efficient cooling.
  • To protect the transformer core and coil assembly from chemical attack.
  • To prevent the buildup of sludge in the transformer.
  • Canmore© Products

  • Hydraulic Oil ISO 32,46,68, 100 (AW, R&O, 5000Hrs)
  • Hydraulic Oil ISO 46,68 (AW, 1500Hrs)
  • Gear Oil ISO 100,150,220
  • Gear Oil ISO 320,460
  • Circulating Oil ISO 100,150,220
  • Circulating Oil ISO 320, 460