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Canmore Petroleum is a Canadian company founded in Ontario Canada. We have built our company on one simple idea; we will earn your business with every transaction. Our brand is built on value. We source our products from American refineries, our engine oil products are packaged and distributed from Texas, USA, some of our other products are packaged and distributed from Canada. We distribute in Canada and to the international market. We pride ourselves on our high-quality product and service. We are based in Ottawa, Canada’s Capital, with sourcing and quality assurance facilities in Texas, U.S.A.

It is not enough to be a manufacturer or just a distributor. We source our own products to find only the best value for you, and we add the right professional manufacturing technology, then we put our name right on it, so you know you can trust it. We stand behind our products because we work with only the best refinery suppliers, and monitor the quality ourselves. That commitment to our product sets us apart. We don’t just offer the most efficient distribution of the best value products, we offer confidence.

Work with a company you can trust. We are a growing company, adding new products and markets every day. To find out more about becoming a licensed Canmore Petroleum dealer in your region, contact us today. With Canmore, you can do more.

Motor Oil

We offer our high-performance motor oils in a huge variety of container sizes from 1L bottles to 208L drums. Our motor oils meet or exceed international standards and are available in a wide range of climate and application specific formulas.

Performance Features:

  • Improved fuel economy
  • Outstanding wear protection
  • Excellent varnish build-up control
  • Outstanding protection against rust and corrosion
  • Outstanding cold-cranking capabilities
  • Outstanding control of high-temperature deposits


• Engines requiring an API service SN
• Resource Conserving
• Exceeds ILSAC GF-5
• Meets both domestic and foreign car manufacturers’ requirements

Transmission Fluids

Our Canmore transmission fluids meet or exceed industry standards and are specially formulated to provide users the best wear protection and cooling for the price. We offer fluids for both manual and automatic transmissions which improve the lifespan and operation of your customer’s drivetrain. Choosing the right transmission fluid is crucial for the operation of your customer’s vehicle, and Canmore Petroleum makes that choice easy. Check out the products below for technical sheets and recommendations.