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Heavy Duty Diesel

Canmore© provides a wide range of heavy-duty diesel products for excellent engine reliability and maximized fuel economy. Canmore’s proven performance will help protect vital engine parts from bumper-to-bumper.


  • CANMORE HDD Full Synthetic Motor Oil (Synthetic 0W-40) Download
  • CANMORE HDD Synthetic CK-4 Motor Oil (Synthetic 5W-40 CK-4) Download
  • CANMORE HDD Synthetic Blend Motor Oil (5W-40 and 0W-30) Download
  • CANMORE HDD Monograde Conventional Motor Oil (Conventional 10W and 30) Download
  • CANMORE HDD Synthetic Blend CK-4 Motor Oil (Synthetic Blend) Download
  • CANMORE HDD Conventional FA-4 Motor Oil Download

  • CANMORE HDD Conventional Motor Oil (Conventional 15W40 CK-4 SL) Download
  • CANMORE HDD Conventional Motor Oil Monograde (Conventional 40 and 50 CF/CF-2 SF) Download
  • CANMORE HDD Synthetic Blend FA-4 Motor Oil Download