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  • Engine Oil For Ford Petrol Ecoboost Engines Now Available

    When it comes to our heavy duty engine oils, we have to know they can give our customers a real commercial advantage, so we work with businesses such as lindsay transport, to measure the performance of castrol vecton long drain over huge distances.

    Lindsay transport run over 200 prime movers, 380 trailers and 84 rigids across queensland, new south wales, victoria and south australia Collectively, their trucks are clocking up over 50,000,000km a year, primarily refrigerated produce one way and then returning with express freight for major companies. Their fleet is made up of kenworths, sterlings and some volvos – pulling over 100 b-doubles. The engines are mainly caterpillar, cummins and detroit, plus the volvos.

    “they’re out there working to tight delivery schedules and not in the workshop costing money.” The company has workshops in brisbane, sydney, coffs harbour, adelaide and mildura which service all their vehicles, placing heavy emphasis on preventative maintenance.

    So how does castrol vecton long drain perform?

    Prior to changing over to castrol vecton long drain the company’s service intervals were set at 20,000km. Now, they extended the drains to 50,000km

    Due to this longer drain interval, lindsay transport has seen significant reductions in running costs per kilometre. This is a major saving when projected across the whole fleet – adding considerably to their operating efficiency and profitability.

    Since changing to castrol vecton long drain, the business’s mechanics have found the engines are much cleaner, have far less soot related problems, and previously experienced turbo and compressor failures are virtually zero. After realising the benefits gained from the extended engine drains, lindsay transport have also switched to castrol syntrans m for their transmissions and castrol dynadrive in their differentials. These lubricants have made a dramatic difference – all of which is carefully monitored via castrol’s labcheck oil analysis.

    “castrol is more than just oil to us, they’re the complete package that lets us focus on our business. ”

    By working so closely with lindsay transport, we’re able to keep improving the returns for them from their business with castrol vecton long drain. Besides oil, we provided a complete package of support from equipment installation to implementation of a waste management plan – helping keep them on the road for longer, at far less cost.

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