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  • Total Lubricants Achieve Jaguar Land Rover Approvals

    Proving performance over double the drain interval: We wanted to prove castrol vecton long drain keeps performing over extended drain intervals and in situations where the engine environment was subjected abnormally harsh conditions – so we set up a real world test with two specially selected trucks, both using our long drain oil. 

    “castrol vecton long drain kept performing and protecting even in an engine that was producing soot levels in excess of 15%”. The trucks were mack mr688s front end loaders operating in georgia, united states.

    The vehicles were running a 600hr drain interval vs. A standard drain of 300hrs. For comparative purposes, one low soot candidate was selected to evaluate what is typical of the fleet vs. One unusually high soot unit, considering a worst case scenario.

    So how did our oil perform on close inspection?

    “even at double the drain interval, castrol vecton long drain ensured all operating parts were in equal or better condition than those in engines operating on conventional oil at standard drain intervals.” For this trial we hired an independent inspector to evaluate the engines from both trucks.


    Both engines were deemed to be in similar condition even though they had widely different operating regimes. All parts were listed in good serviceable condition and judged to be equal to or better than engines of similar ages operating on conventional motor oil at standard oem drain intervals.

    One teardown in particular showed just how well castrol vecton long drain can perform:

    This particular truck had a trouble-free history of operation, yet kept on producing soot levels in excess of 15%! We found a list of things that were helping to cause this harsh environment: defective charge air cooler; 5 nozzles with poor spray patterns or low opening pressures; blown exhaust manifold gasket; cracked exhaust centre section; cracked exhaust horn on the turbo charger.

    Despite this, castrol vecton long drain dealt with everything and allowed this vehicle to stay safely in operation and on the extended drain program. In fact, the independent expert who looked at this engine couldn’t tell its parts from those of similarly aged engines that were operating normally. Job done. Like to see more evidence? See other case studies showing how castrol vecton long drain keeps trucks out on the road for longer.

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